Elise ​says, "If you subtract 12 from my number and multiply the difference by negative -7​, the result is negative -196​." What is Elise​'s ​number?

Accepted Solution

Elise's number is 40Step-by-step explanation:Let the number be x.Then"If you subtract 12 from my number"[tex]x-12[/tex]And"multiply the difference by negative -7​"[tex]-7(x-12)[/tex]"the result is negative -196​."[tex]-7(x-12)=-196\\-7x+84=-196\\Subtracting\ 84\ from\ both\ sides\\-7x+84-84=-196-84\\-7x=-280\\Dividing\ both\ sides\ by\ -7\\\frac{-7x}{-7} = \frac{-280}{-7}\\x=40[/tex]Hence,Elise's number is 40Keywords: Linear Equation, VariableLearn more about linear equation at:brainly.com/question/3398261brainly.com/question/3614284#LearnwithBrainly