Agero And Lyft Disclose Collaboration For Consumers Needing Tow Assistance

Agero, a roadside assistance provider, recently proclaimed that it is planning to partner with Lyft, a well-known ride-hailing company. Reportedly, this collaboration will be intended to offer rides for customers whose cars are disabled and are in the need of tow assistance.

In a statement, Agero said that the service will offer customers, whose vehicles need a tow, with a free Lyft ride from their breakdown location to their destination. Agero is situated in Medford, Massachusetts. Every year, the firm serves approximately 115 Million car owners. For providing its services, the firm has collaborated with numerous insurance carriers, auto manufacturers, and others. Last year, Lyft disclosed the completion of about 30.7 Million successful rides. At the same time, the firm holds about 1.9 Million drivers in more than 300 cities in Canada and the U.S.

On a similar note, Uber came into the news as its plans to begin the delivery of fast food by drone this summer is almost coming to a head. Reportedly, the firm is planning to start this service in San Diego first. It has been in talks about the possibility of tests here since May 2018; however, the latest report by Bloomberg reveals the latest details on the project.

Deliveries are not supposed to be made to customers’ homes, highlighted Bloomberg, but instead, are supposed to be sent to “selected safe landing zones.” In these zones, Uber couriers are supposed to unload the package by hand and then move it to the consumer’s doorstep. The report highlighted that these landing zones can be even the roofs of Uber cars, which are parked. These cars will be spotted by the drones with the help of QR codes. The report added that the prices for drone delivery can be approximately the same as the standard fees, which go up to about $8.50 in San Diego.

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