After Shutdown For Over A Year, Shyp Is Coming Back With New Managing Staff

Shyp—San Francisco-based shipping company, associated with USPS and other well-established carriers—is now relaunched after a period of fifteen months. No detailed information regarding the relaunch or types of services being offered by Shyp is specified on its website. However, it mentions that the startup relaunched at the beginning of this year under a new managing team and financially supported by angel investors.

Shyp was not able to achieve its target to expand its services out of San Francisco. Therefore, the startup started in 2014 shut down in March 2018. At the initial phase, the startup was charging an additional $5 on postage price. Shyp provided on-demand pickup, packaging, and delivering the package to the courier firm. Almost 2 Years after the launch, it presented a pricing tier as an effort to incorporate new approaches in its business.

After the relaunch, Shyp has arranged a short survey regarding its business in the form of a questionnaire. The potential customers are expecting that if the startup will manage to provide online return services at ease, then it is trying to regain one of its most demanding services.

On a similar note, the position of Maersk—the global leading shipping operator—in terms of the economic potential to ship cargo along Northern Sea Route (NSR) of Russia is growing constantly. Last month only, the company reduced its attention regarding operating along the NSR route. Now, it has declared that it is re-exploring the potential to the service from Russia’s sea route.

Last summer, the company conducted a trial by sending its first container along Russia’s sea route. But, the company didn’t respond clearly showing less interest in that route. The new services were scheduled based on trading patterns and customer demands. However, it seems that the patterns and demands have now altered.

In talks with HNN, the company specified that it has observed the possibility of increased transportation through the sea route. The company has revealed no additional information regarding the sea-based delivery.

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