Sprout Farmers Market Calls Back Frozen Spinach Due To Fear Of Listeria

The company declared that Sprout Farmers Market has called back few frozen spinach because they were afraid of a contamination with listeria. This recall has impacted cut out frozen spinach of 16-ounce sacks produced by Oregon’s National Frozen Foods. Few of the products were seen to be contaminated with Listeria while random sampling. Those products were Frozen Cut Leaf Sprouts Spinach, UPC 87487500982, USE by 12/03/21 and Lot 19031203A03. Another Frozen Organic Sprouts Cut Leaf Spinach was from UPC 87487500991, USE by 12/03/21 and from the Lot 19031203A03.

These products were sold in several shops throughout Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Missouri, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. The company has already announced that customers should either dispose the bought products or return those to the stores in case they want a full refund.

According to the data collected by US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention each year, approximately 1600 people get affected due to listeria. Out of that about 260 die. The symptoms for the disease include diarrhea, high fever, nausea, headaches and pain in the abdomen. Especially those with less resistant immune systems such as elderly people, newborns and expecting women run higher chances of the disease and are at more risk. Often the bacteria are passed onto the fetus from the pregnant mother. It can cause miscarriage, premature labor and even stillbirth.

However, in this particular recall no illness has yet been reported. The company said that Sprouts Farmers Market has taken back all the affected products from all the retail shops. Besides, Sprouts has also started an inside investigation along with National Frozen Foods in order to be assured of all the standards of food safety being implemented and followed by all. They hoped that this would not happen again.

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