Instagram Testing Ways To Restore Access To Hacked Accounts

Photo sharing social networking platform Instagram is currently testing new technology to allow account holders to recover their accounts that had been hacked.  Under current system Instagram account holders that get locked out of their accounts have to use their email for verification by the security team before getting back their access. With company is carrying out trials of an in-app function that will prompt users to submit contact details associated with the account through which they will receive an access code. This recovery method will work even if an account’s details are changed after it has been hacked.

The platform currently accepts user verification in the form of the account holders’ emailed photograph wherein he/she is holding a piece of paper with the handwritten code on it. This method was thought of after an Instagram user was forced to use the services of an ethical hacker to recover her hacked account in 2018. She had written a long blog post about how the official account recovery system of Instagram was painfully frustrating and not very user friendly. She apparently wrote 10 times for email support and left 3 voicemails about her predicament before she got access to the help screen that enabled her to recover the account.

To make it easy for users Facebook which owns Instagram also announced that it is introducing a new system wherein a time gap will be given for a particular username to be claimed by someone if an account has been hacked or the owner decides to change it. The firm announced that even if hacker has gained control over a user’s email address and phone number that is linked to their account they will take measures to ensure that the secret code is not viewed by them by allowing user to access phone messages from a different device. This process would help protect individuals whose usernames were changed by hackers.

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