Space To Go Green With NASA’s Green Fuel Aboard Heavy Falcon

During a recent press event, one of the spokesperson of NASA stated that the space agency is set to launch Green Propellant Infusion Mission. NASA is planning to launch the mission on June 24, 2019. The Space Agency is planning to launch GPIM through Falcon Heavy rockets designed by SpaceX. The propellant which NASA is about to use in space has main ingredients as hydroxyl ammonium nitrate. This compound will replace hydrazine, a compound used in rockets to provide power to spacecrafts.

While speaking to the press, Steve Jurczyk said that it is the responsibility of Space Agencies to use environment friendly fuels. He stated that using such fuels will ensure the safety of people and scientists who are working on the launch site.

NASA developed GPIM for $65 million, back in 2013, the Space Agency had undertaken initial thruster test. The fuel designed by NASA is supposedly 50% more efficient than Hydrazine. In one of the press conferences, NASA’s spokesperson said that due to this propellant the Space Agency will be able to cover longer distances in outer space.

The fuel which is designed by NASA is very high in density, thus during space missions more fuel can easily be stored at a similar space. Since the freezing point of the fuel is low, thus the spacecraft doesn’t have to use much of its energy in temperature maintenance.

While giving an exclusive interview to the press DaynaIse said that the fuel designed by NASA is very friendly for humans. She also said that one can load the fuel even at university campuses and at other facilities where such operations can’t take place in case of Hydrazine. She also said that one can parcel the fuel through FedEx. Presently, Ball Aerospace is working in collaboration with NASA and Aerojet Rocketdyne to design propulsion system for the fuel made by the Space Agency.

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