Bridenstine To Hold Meetings With International Partners On Artemis In Paris

The Administrator of NASA, Jim Bridenstine has said that he will be meeting the international counterparts of aerospace industry in Paris Air Show, to discuss the plans for cooperation lunar program. The 53rd Paris Air show will be held from June 17 and Bridgestone will be attending this major event of the entire industry. In a press conference, he mentioned that he would be meeting the heads of various space agencies attending the show.

Bridenstine expressed that the Artemis lunar missions have already been stressed for a long time and now he wants to include roles of international space agencies, especially for the lunar Gateway. As per the reports, Canada has already entered in the Artemis lunar mission and committed to provide a robotic arm. Similarly, Japan and U.S. have agreed to cooperate on the exploration of the moon.

Bridenstine said that NASA is developing the entire structure of the Artemis program in which they would be carefully assessing their partners from international agencies so that they would get the work according to their best interests as well as capabilities.

However, the organizers of the Air Show have said that the American pavilion will be the largest one and they are the most dominant space agency in the industry. The theme of their pavilion will be based on space as it would mark the 50 years of landing of Apollo 11. Al Worden will also be present at the pavilion as he is an Apollo astronaut. He said that whenever they will start thinking for going on the moon, it might not be a job for just a single country, America. He added that that task would require more hands as it would be even 10 times bigger than an Apollo mission and they have already started laying the seeds for such cooperation.

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