Melbourne To Become First Non-American City To Witness Uber’s Flying Taxis

After launching the Uber Copter service in Manhattan, Uber has dropped the curtains from the initial launch cities for the all new Uber Flying taxi as well. Apart from the American cities of Dallas in Texas and Los Angeles in California, Uber has declared Melbourne too as their city for running a pilot version of the flying taxi. Melbourne will be the first non-American city to witness the flying taxis.

Melbourne was selected basis the ideal weather and location as cities in the Middle East were tipped to be unsuitable due to the ill tempered weather. Uber plans to roll out the first flying taxi in Melbourne by next year while the plan to launch the full fledged flying taxi service slated for 2023. Uber stated that it will test the service in other cities of Australia as well before going full fledged with it. Uber has joined hands with NASA to make the electric flying taxis a reality. It is not the only company venturing out in this concept though, big names like Rolls Royce (RYCEF) and Boeing (BA) too are out to make it happen. Uber though will hold the edge despite the tough competition due to its early advantage.

Talking of American air traffic, it well might turn out to be the biggest hurdle for Uber in its quest to make air transportation a reality. On Monday, a helicopter crashed into a building leading to the death of the pilot. The National Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating the case and is also raising tonnes of questions regarding the upcoming Uber Copter project. Despite the threat from air traffic, Uber is expected to continue with the Copter services and start it from July 9 in Manhattan. That will create a great concern regarding the security though.

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