Businesses Need To Heed To The Call Of The World’s Oceans—Study

Members of a social activist group, Friends of Ocean Action, comprising of 50 industry leaders are collating their efforts to find solutions to make the oceans healthy for its inhabitants. The group has been convened by World Economic Forum and World Resources Institute. The current problem of climate change, lack of drinking water and other dire problems facing our seas are due to general apathy and it is up to governments, individuals and businesses to save them before it is too late. Around half the oxygen we breathe, are produced by oceans which re the largest ecosystem on earth.

It provides food to nearly a billion people and sustains several million jobs and generates trillions of dollars while its majestic beauty gives joy and inspiration to several generations. The WWF for Nature and Living Planet has reported that within just 40 years wildlife populations across the globe have fallen by 60 % which is morally unsustainable. Our planet will not be whole with the small and large species that are slowly but gradually diminishing around us be it the Hawaiian monk seal, vaquita porpoise or several others. While the shallow water coral reefs have halved nearly 50 % of mangroves in the world are gone.

The sharp diminishing forest cover, natural water resources and biodiversity is becoming a humanitarian crisis. With 7 billion people in the world that can work to save the planet we can definitely hope for a better climate in future if states, cities and individuals try their best to reduce carbon footprint. Corporates can help protect oceans by making better food choices at offices and corporate events and urging their employees to follow similar path like reducing plastic use and going carbon neutral. They should empower employees that are interested in ocean conservation to commit time and volunteer.

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