Ebola Outbreak Afflicts Child In Uganda—Latest Report

Health officers from Uganda and WHO have reported the death of 5 years old boy in Uganda, due to Ebola. The first to happen in Uganda, this is suspected to be due to the outbreak in DRC, Uganda’s neighboring country. The victim’s brother and grandmother had the infection as well. Over 7 Ebola cases have been reported so far.

The boy contracted the disease after visiting family in DRC. He was hospitalized after Ebola symptoms manifested. The WHO announced the boy’s death occurred on Tuesday. Over 2000 cases, mostly fatal, have been reported in DRC for the past 10 months.

Over 50 people have been in contact with these 7 infected people.

Mass gatherings have been banned. A market day in Kasese usually brings in 20000 people near the border. Prayers and other market activities have also been banned; for fear that they could easily spread the infection to a lot of people.RRT has been dispatched, for identifying those at risk. Following up on other cases will be done by them, as per WHO and the health ministry.

4700 workers have been vaccinated against Ebola, as per WHO and Uganda.

The DRC outbreak is the 2ndlargest in history. A recent spike has been observed over the course of the past few months. Since August, over 1,400 people have fallen sick and died. The epidemic outbreak in Africa during 2013–16 was the largest, killing over 11,310 people in its span. It is the only bigger outbreak than the current one, that lasted for more than 8 months overall.

Ebola’s symptoms include sore throat, muscle pain, intense weakness, and sudden fever. It eventually turns into bleeding, diarrhea, and vomiting. Infection is via direct contact with blood, bodily fluids, feces, vomit or broken skin. Patients eventually die due to organ failure and dehydration.

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