CBD Products To Be Made Available In 1,000 Kroger Stores

Kroger, which is the country’s largest retailer for groceries, stated that CBD products would be sold in over 1000 stores. However, CBD-containing groceries won’t be on the list. Hemp-based CBD products like oils, creams, and balms will be sold in 945 of its stores, spread across 17 different states, as per a statement issued to CNBC. This is the latest move by a major chain that joins the rank of Walgreens, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC and CVS which have started offering cannabis compounds.

Creams, oils, balms, and lotions loaded with hemp-based products would be offered to customers. These would be curated collections, said a Kroger spokeswoman.CBD, which is a cannabis compound which promises to relieve anxiety & pain issues have seen increasing attention and interest from consumers. While the products are legal, FDA rules that it can’t be added to food products or be sold as dietary supplements.

Skincare and beauty products which contain CBD have lower legal risks. This is why retailers are beginning to stock such products on their shelves. FDA is currently considering CBD additions to dietary supplements and food. However, it is still looking for and studies before taking an eventual decision.

This is one of the many changes Kroger will be taking in an effort to protect itself from Walmart and Amazon. It is a vital part of a 3-year plan. Kroger has also been investing heavily in delivery service and digital sales, to tend to the latest shopping trends. However, earnings have taken a beating due to this.

It has been forming tie-ups with Walgreens as well. Both of them need to team up if they are to stop bigger threats. Over 2300 Kroger products will be sold at Walgreens stores as part of this arrangement.

CBD products will be sold in Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington, West Virginia, Tennesse, South Carolina, Oregon, Nevada, Missouri, Michigan, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, Colorado, Arkansas, and Arizona, where such products are legal, said the company’s spokeswoman.

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