Wealthy American Walmart Family Pays Starvation Wages To Workers

Workers rights group from Walmart, United for Respect has invited Bernie Sanders to speak for their rights.

Senator Bernie Sanders has spoken out his mind against Walmart’s bias against raising minimum wages for its workers. He says that the wealthiest American family pays starvation wages to its workers. He calls this as “grotesque”.

The Walton family which has a wealth of about $174 billion is refusing to pay minimum wages to its employees.

Sanders has been asked to serve as a proxy to speak at the annual shareholders meeting of Walmart to be held on Wednesday at Arkansas.

United for Respect wants the company to provide its workers the minimum wage of $15 per hour.

Employees of Walmart are receiving low wages and are living on subsidized housing and food stamps. About $6.2 billion is paid as public assistance to the employees, says a report from Americans for Tax Fairness, 2014.

Sanders says that the wealthiest family of the U.S. should not be living on taxpayers subsidized money.

Randy Hargrove, Walmart spokesperson says that the company had increased its starting wages over the past four years from $7.25 per hour to $11 per hour. On average, the company is paying its employees about $17.50 per hour as a bonus, wages, and benefits.

The Senator has used social media to highlight the situation of the workers at Walmart. He has been an active campaigner for companies like Amazon and Disney to provide more income to workers. He has been speaking on topics like income inequality for a long time.

Last year, Disney has announced that its minimum wage is raised from $11 to a $1annual increment by which its minimum wages per hour would be $15 by October 2021. Amazon has also increased its minimum wages from $11 to $15 for its temporary workers.

Other retail giants like Target and Costco have also raised their minimum wage rate.

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