US–Mexico Tariff War Averted; Agreement Reached, Says President Trump

Mexico has now agreed on taking steps to stop the inflow of migrants to US so as to avoid the trade tariffs as threatened by US President. Donald Trump revealed that the deal is worked out between the two countries to suspend trade tariffs for uncertain period. Trump had said that he would start charging 5% duties on imports, which would be rising each month, if Mexico fails to take steps to reduce the migration. The tariffs would be activated from Monday.

Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico’s Foreign Secretary, tweeted after the three-day negotiations, that Washington demanded a crackdown on the migrants of Central America. The members of Trump’s party were caught unawares when he had announced the Mexican tariffs the previous week. He had announced an emergency on the border of US-Mexico in February saying that it was needed for tackling the crisis with undocumented migrants entering the US. The US department released a joint declaration saying that Mexico would be curbing the human trafficking and irregular migration.

AS part of the deal, Mexico agreed that it would deploy the National Guard all across the country from Monday, promising 6000 additional troops in the southern border of Mexico with Guatemala. Mexico also agreed to tackle human trafficking networks. Under the deal, the US agreed on expanding its schedule of returning asylum seekers to Mexico while they await their claim reviews.

Both the countries have pledged to make their bilateral cooperation healthier over the security of their borders including coordinated actions and sharing information. The declarations would add that the discussions will continue, and the final terms would be accepted and it will be announced in 90 days.

Mr. Ebrard said that he thinks it is a fair deal. He added that they have drastic proposals and measures at the beginning, and they are at some middle point. Steven Mnuchin said that they couldn’t be happy with the agreement.

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