Google Services Back To Business After Several Hours Of Outage

Recently, internet services which work on Google’s technology had to suffer outage in several parts of the United States. YouTube, Snapchat and Gmail got restored on June 2, 2019. One of the spokesperson of Google stated that the company is dealing with network congestion problem. Due to this congestion, many services of Google were severely affected.

Mobile manufacturing giant, Apple has also reported a glitch in the Google cloud system. One of the spokesperson of Apple stated that few of its services viz. iCloud and iMessage got affected due to Google’s congestion problem.

At present no one has a clue about the sole cause of the problem. Addressing the press, one of the spokespersons of Google stated that the company is about to conduct thorough internal investigation. The spokesperson also stated that due to this step engineers will be able to figure out the sole cause of the problem and they will rectify it immediately so that no such problem could occur in the near future. The spokesperson of Google also stated that the company will provide a thorough report about the source of the problem after the probing ends.

While giving an exclusive interview, one of the spokesperson of Snapchat stated that it already knew that few of its users aren’t able to run the application in a proper fashion. After the glitch, many net users took Twitter to convey the message that YouTube is facing a glitch. Many people also complained through various social media platforms about the issue related to Gmail. Back in 2018, YouTube had to deal with a major outage.

During that time when users logged into their YouTube accounts they were shown a blank page. Moreover, those who used YouTube services through their mobile application, to them network error 503 was showcased. Due to this outage, users of Europe, Australia, US, Japan and Brazil were affected.

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