Drug Sales On Dark Net On Rise In England—Report

In England, the number of individuals purchasing drugs on dark net has doubled since 2014, says the Global Drugs Survey. The survey that is conducted annually questioned 123814 individuals from 30 countries. The data showed that England drug users purchasing products on dark net has increased to 28.6% from 12.4% since 2014.

England has become the third highest after Scotland and Brazil when it comes to illegal drugs that were handed over to order. The study did not specify about the figures of Wales and Northern Ireland.

The founder of the study Dr. Adam Winstock said that individuals don’t understand about the risks in purchasing drugs online.

He said if the buyer has given his name and someone knows that he has bought ilea drugs, and then there is a chance that they would blackmail that person. Dark net is a network of hidden websites and untraceable activity online.

A BBC investigation podcast found that in addition to illegality, hundreds of individuals claim that they are blackmailed or scammed by vendors when they try to get drugs on dark net. Leon, a drug user, said that he got a threatening and angry message saying that they have got his address and they would release it. He said that it was a crack and seller of heroin. Leon added that he did not have any legal consumer protection.

Recently the Agency of National Crime which is responsible for policing dark net in UK has helped to shut down many large marketplaces of dark net. Many critics say that this results to more individuals been blackmailed.

An expert of crypto-market, Caleb Daniels said that what they are witnessing is a storm which is perfect. More number of users is buying online while many untested sites pop up and this makes the users vulnerable to blackmailing. A spokesperson of NIA said that tackling this threat has become a priority. He has asked victims of crime to report it to authorities as they have made many criminals on dark end face lengthy prison successes.

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