Bridenstine Maintains $1.6bn Additional Funds Proposal Is Not Necessarily “Rejected”

Jim Bridenstine, the administrator of NASA said that NASA has requested to add around $1.6 billion to NASA’s 2020 budget for beginning the work on the lunar program of Artemis, was not defunct in spite of lack of action on the budget by the appropriators of the House.

During the council meeting of the NASA Advisory on May 30, Bridenstine said that the amendment in budget, down payment on overall cost of getting the astronauts return to moon by the year 2024 had the support of bipartisan but it had arrived late for the appropriators of the House to consider it in the bill.

Bridenstine said that people are saying that their proposal is rejected, but he wants to make it clear that it is not what it means. NASA had released the amendment of its budget on May 13. The appropriators of the House had released the proposed CJS (Commerce, Justice and Science) bill on May 16. This bill was reported favorably without any changes by the committee on May 22. The bill hadn’t incorporated the changed budget and the committee members did not discuss or reject the changes during the bill’s markup.

Bridenstine said that the idea that NASA will be incorporating new $1.6 billion on short notice for the plans of NASA was not realistic. He added that he has had good conversations with the members of the House regarding Artemis. He added that these people are those who have queries or concerns and those interested in knowing the place the money is coming in. There is huge support of bipartisan for speeding up the effort for getting on the moon with new energy.

Bridenstine said that Senator Jerry Moran who is chairing the appropriations subcommittee of Senate CJS had tweeted on May 15, saying that he had planned of working with Bridenstine and White House to make it certain that NASA had the resources for landing on the moon the first woman and building infrastructure for supporting missions to Mars.

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