Nutritionist States Pizza Is Better Than A Majority Of Cereals For Breakfast

A New York-based nutritionist has said that “a pizza slice has more fats and much less sugar compared to a majority of cold cereals, thus, one won’t experience a sudden sugar crash.” She said, pizza also contains protein, dairy, and carbohydrates.

Chelsey Amer, registered dietician, said, “One might be astounded to learn that an average pizza slice and a cereal bowl with whole milk have almost the equivalent sum of calories. Nevertheless, pizza holds a much larger protein punch that will keep one loaded and improve satiety all through the morning.”

Though eating pizza at 9 a.m. may not be a “hale and hearty” choice, and Amer surely was not indicating pizza as a nutritional foodstuff, it is a more of a balanced meal compared to milk decanted over sugary cereal. If one desires to opt for a cereal breakfast, it is suggested to include one that has nuts, seeds, & whole grains, and use plant-based or organic milk.

Likewise, as per another study recently issued in the JNCI Cancer Spectrum medical journal, 7 dietary factors might boost the cancer risk for American adults 20-year old and above. The study, performed by scientists at Tuft’s Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, discovered that in 2015 more than 80,000 new cases of cancer were linked to low whole-grain intake, high intake of red meat & processed meats, high intake of sugary beverages, low dairy intake, and low fruit & vegetable consumption.

Those new cases symbolize about 5.2% of entire cancer cases logged in that year among US adults, resembling the percentage of cancer cases associated with alcohol consumption, about 4–6%, as per the scientists. Scientists also discovered that diet was accountable for higher cancer rates among racial minorities in the country, including Latinos and African Americans, in comparison to white people.

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