Walmart’s Store Managers Make Almost $175,000 Per Year

Walmart, the biggest U.S. employer, was noted promoting hundreds of thousands of its employees to higher-paying jobs in 2018. The firm disclosed that the standard earnings of full-time associates are almost double the federal minimum wage.

The retail giant recently released a 94-page document. For the first time, the firm disclosed the details on compensation for its hourly employees. Walmart’s inaugural ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) report disclosed the inner workings of how the firm pays, trains, and maintains its employees. It also demonstrated the results from environmental initiatives such as emission reduction and recycling programs. In the financial year 2019, Walmart proclaimed that it promoted about 215,000 associates in the U.S. Reportedly, these employees were offered jobs with “higher pay and more responsibility.” The standard hourly wage of Walmart’s full-time, hourly associate in the U.S. stores is about $14.26.

On a similar note, Walmart came into the news as from this July, the firm is not allowing individuals under the age of 21 to purchase tobacco products from its or Sam’s Club stores in the U.S. Walmart announced that it is lifting the minimum age for purchasing the products on July 1, 2019. This has made the firm the most recent retailer to make amendments related to tobacco sales to minors.

Walmart’s shift comes after receiving the Food and Drug Administration’s letter last month. Reportedly, this letter asked the firm to submit a plan to stop illegal tobacco sales to minors. According to the firm’s announcement, Walmart is also supposed to no longer sell “dessert- and fruit-flavored electronic nicotine delivery systems” and other devices for vaping. Recently, numerous other retailers also have changed their policies regarding the sale of tobacco products to minors. For instance, Walgreens is supposed to end selling these products to people under 21.

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