Sonos To Roll Out Google Assistant On Its Smart Devices Soon

After months of beta trialing, Sonos is almost prepared to launch out Google Assistant to its Sonos Beam and Sonos One smart devices. In this week’s shareholders’ quarterly earnings letter, Patrick Spence (Sonos CEO) verified that the firm is aiming to roll out Assistant soon. The feature will roll out in the US at the beginning, “with more area to come over the coming few months,” claimed Spence.

“This function will truly increase the user experience and marks the first time that users will be capable of buying a sole smart device and get to select which voice assistant they wish to employ. We think offering users the option is always the correct decision, and we expect this philosophy will be accepted in the industry eventually,” he claimed. Both the Sonos Beam and One ship out of the box with in-built Amazon’s Alexa support.

Sonos committed to convey Google Assistant to its Sonos One device earlier when that device was first declared in 2017, but making it take place seemed to be a time-eating task. The firm missed its 2018 objective, but it showed Google Assistant operating on its hardware previously at CES 2019. Now, it seems that the Assistant addition is ready for all Sonos users with one of the 2 voice-supported devices. Sonos also shows support for AirPlay 2 on its latest products, letting consumers to play music on their iOS device via Siri.

On a related note, if you are a Sonos user in the US who is fond of listening to music in superior quality, you may be happy to know that there’s one more streaming choice accessible for you via the Sonos application. Qobuz, the French streaming service that arrived stateside previous month, is now added with Sonos.

With the $20 monthly basis Hi-Fi plan, Qobuz users can stream high quality music at almost 1411 Kbps.

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