HRT In Trans Women Increases Breast Cancer Risks—Study

A new study found that the transgender women undergoing the hormone therapy of gender confirming, are at a high breast cancer risk, however, they are at lower risk as compared to the general population of female. Transgender women are individuals who are declared as males at birth; however they identify themselves as females. Earlier research has found that HRT raises the risk of breast cancer in women nearing postmenopausal; however, it is not very clear whether it is true in case of transgender women undergoing hormone treatment. This new study has taken 1,229 trans-men and 2,260 number of transgender women who are undergoing the hormone therapy in a Netherlands clinic from 1972–2016.

Scientists have found that the trans women who were on hormone therapy have high breast cancer risk as compared to the general population of male and transgender male have a low breast cancer risk as compared to the general population of female. The average age for trans-women at the treatment’s beginning was 31 and in trans-men it was 23, said the report. It added that the time of treatment in trans-women was 13 years and in trans-men it is 8 years. Around 15 aggressive breast cancer cases in the trans-women were detected at 50. Those patients on an average were under the treatment for a period of 18 years. This rate was more than general population of male and less than the female population. This was published in BMJ on May 14. Of the transgender men, 4 aggressive breast cancer cases were identified.

Here 47 was the patients’ average age and on an average they were under the treatment for 15 years. This rate was low in the female population. This result suggests that the breast cancer risk in transgender individuals is low therefore the current guidelines for screening would be sufficient for the transgender people who are under the hormone treatment.

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