Bill Nye, The Science Guy, Spreads His Concern About Environmental Hazards

Recently, Bill Nye once again reminded people about the consequences of global warming. During a press conference, environmentalist Bill Nye said that if industries around the globe didn’t stop emission of toxic gases then the temperature of planet earth could rise. He also barged at people by saying that they should care more about nature than to cash in profits and polluting the environment. He further said that people should read about the process of photosynthesis which is considered as the basis of life on earth.

Bill Nye talked about concerning the topic of global warming on May 12, 2019, and introduced Green New Deal which was given by Senator Ed Markey and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. During an interview with John Oliver, he said that ignorant people should consider the fact that the planet earth is burning due to the high amount of carbon emission.

Moreover, anchor John Oliver also advocated for Green New Deal which is a fourteen pages long resolution to save the environment. According to this new resolution, every country has to curb the greenhouse gases which would help in saving the planet. The deal also states that countries have to use 100% power demand of a country through renewable sources. During the press event, Bill Nye also explained the principle of carbon pricing and how companies can save their money if they employ green ways of production.

During an exclusive interview, Bill Nye stated that a majority of people have to pay if a person drives heavy duty luxury cars. He also said that the government should charge people and industries that emit carbon by driving vehicle and while manufacturing products in a factory. He said that doing so will definitely curb the level of carbon emission in the air which will make the environment more clean and green.

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