Kid-Friendly Echo Dot By Amazon Under Probe For Violating Child Privacy

Privacy and child advocacy groups lodged a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) last week stating that Echo Dot Kids devices by Amazon are illegally storing and recording the conversation info of young kids.

In the complaint, the coalition blames Amazon of illegally amassing info from chats with kids even after parents attempt to remove it. If true, the method might breach the COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), one of the only federal privacy rules on the books. COPPA implies particular privacy needs for services and websites that are aimed at kids, comprising obtaining parental permission before a kid below the age of 13’s info is stored or collected.

Amazon refuses that its devices are in infringement of the rule. “FreeTime on Echo Dot Kids Edition and Alexa obey with the COPPA,” a spokesperson of Amazon claimed to the media.

The Echo Dot Kids devices by Amazon were rolled out in 2018 as a child-friendly edition of the firm’s other Alexa gadgets. On the other hand, the FTC filing blames that the voice-supported device stores and collects the transcripts of chats the kids have with it, along with data on what material the kids engage with on the gadget.

On a related note, SiriumXM and Amazon have joined hands up to bring together the Amazon Echo and streaming radio. Echo users can enjoy a 3-month test period of SiriusXM with no cost. And anybody who logs in up for a new SiriusXM Premier or SiriusXM All Access subscription will receive an Echo Dot for free. Present users who update to Sirius XM All Access from SiriusXM Select will also get an Echo Dot.

While satellite radio by SiriusXM is well-liked in cars, this association with Amazon will assist bring the platform into more houses. Also, the Echo hardware by Amazon is extremely popular.

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