Self-Driving Cars By Waymo Now Accessible In Phoenix On Lyft’s App

Lyft users in the Phoenix region will shortly be capable of summoning one of the self-driving minivans by Waymo for a ride, the firms claimed to the media this week. It is the result of a joint venture that was first declared almost exactly 2 Years back.

To begin with, only 10 cars will be accessible on Lyft’s application in the few towns all over Phoenix. Lyft users will have the choice to choose a ride in a Waymo self-driving vehicle via the ride-hail firm’s application. There will be security drivers in the car, much similar to Waymo One—the commercial ride-hailing service by Alphabet.

But in spite of looking limited on the ground, it shows a pretty huge leap forward for both autonomous and ride-hailing cars. Lyft is already facilitating rides in self-driving vehicles in Las Vegas designed by tech firm Aptiv, but Waymo has been mapping the roads of the Phoenix area for more than 2 Years. And the spinoff by Google is extensively witnessed as having some of the best tech in progress today.

Moreover, Waymo has been grudging about offering rides in its self-driving cars. The firm is running 2 services in the Phoenix region: its early rider project, which needs users to ink nondisclosure contracts prior to experiencing some of the firm’s newest upgrades; and Waymo One, which has carried more than 1,000 users to work, school, or shopping.

On a related note, Waymo earlier claimed that it will build its autonomous cars in Detroit. John Krafcik (company CEO) claimed to the media that the firm will repurpose a current plant in Motor City with the objective of being functional by mid-2019. Earlier in January, the firm declared that it had selected southeast Michigan as the spot for its new plant for the mass manufacturing of L4 autonomous cars.

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