Google To Bring Duplex To The Web To Help Book Movie Tickets & Car Rentals

A year after Google shocked the users with a practically human-sounding AI that can book hair appointments and restaurant reservations, the firm this week declared that it will expand the service to web-supported conversations such as movie bookings and car rentals. In an instance Google demoed onstage, the helper can pull in travel data on the basis of on your current reservations below your account. Once you query the helper to assist you reserve a car rental, it will start to auto-fill the details employing data it has, such as your address, name, and drop-off and arrival times.

Google first declared Duplex in 2018 as a voice helper that can conduct calls on your account to make a reservation at restaurant. When you verify a request, you will get an upgrade from the helper informing you if it was victorious at booking the reservation. If it cannot make the reservation or is not able to reach the hotel, it will try to offer you a reason. You do not get any other info about how the call was made or what was stated during the call.

Google did not tell when the web edition of Duplex was arriving, calling the demonstration a “premature preview,” but did commit that you can see all the steps of what Duplex is conducting prior to you verify the details.

On a related note, You no longer require to have a Pixel handset to have Duplex do booking on your account. Google earlier silently extended Duplex support to iPhones using Assistant and other Android handsets. While it is not specific just which hardware will operate at this phase, there are media reports that Duplex is operating on the iPhone and Galaxy S10. Duplex still seems to be restricted to the US, as of now.

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