General Motors To Add 400 New Jobs In Kentucky

The American carmaker, General Motors is working out to create a wild new version of the Corvette and the company has plans to appoint hundreds of new employees to get the job done.

Recently the company has stated that for almost four decades America’s sports car, Chevrolet Corvette has been manufactured exclusively at the company’s factory located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The company is planning to add a second shift to the factory along with the new hourly jobs and the job count is expected to be 400. This move will bring the workforce there to over 1,300 employees. According to GM, the new workforce will support the overall production of the company’s next-gen Corvette. The company’s chief executive, Mary Barra stated that the car’s iconic standing owes so much to both men and women of Bowling Green. The new hires will deliver the all-new next generation Corvette capable of both its amazing past and an equally enthralling future.

The Corvette is admired for its prolonged history of powerful performance and its comparatively less starting price which is of around $60,000. The company plans to formally reveal its all-new Corvette on July 18, and in its 66-year history, it will be possibly the great redesign for the car. For the first time, the company will place the engine of Corvette from the front of the car to the back side of the passenger and driver. This replacing might possibly enhance the Corvette’s acceleration and it will give the car better handling. In 1966, the same design idea had evolved the Lamborghini Miura, and since then it has become the standard for such sports car, offering extreme high-performance.

Recently, General Motors has been facing problems and has plans to close four of its plants in the United States and the company would be adding 400 new jobs as a part of its enhancement in both autonomous and electric vehicles.

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