ESA Studies Process Of Ageing In Space—Report

Muscle ache, high bp, winkles and a gullible brain are all-natural reasons of old age. As our cells wear over time, the weapon to fight chronic diseases may be tiny, intelligently designed particles which have the capability to transform in an anti-ageing supplement. An experiment seeking innovations in antioxidants was already on its way towards space.

On Saturday, SpaceX’s Dragon was launched from the site of Cape Canaveral, racing towards the International Space Station. Along with its conventional cargo are living cells and particles made from ceramics which will be kept together in an incubator.

The samples will travel in a suitable environment, warm and cozy being stored at about 30C temperature, to cope with stresses generating from life in the space. Artificial gravity, weightlessness and radiation would impact the specimens and the scientists are keen on observing its effects.

The Antioxidant experiment would search for an innovative way to excite cells in response to the heart failure, muscle loss Parkinson’s disease and diabetes. Getting down till the genetic level, scientists seek to find a custom solution which will stop the immediate effects generated by long stays in deep space or even in Earth orbit.

Kept in European Space Agency’s Columbus module, the incubator has a compact centrifuge which could simulate gravity. A portion of these would be kept near zero gravity and the remaining would be subjected to Earth like gravity. After the operation, particles would be safely stored at around -80C.

Researcher would compare these in-space results by some variants placed on Earth. The in-space results would be considered as an effect of weightlessness, space radiation or any other factor.

The properties of these particles could even benefit the elders and mass of people with muscle degeneration on Earth.

It may even enhance skin treatments for youthful complexions.

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