Safety Alert Deactivation On Max 737 “Not Intentional Or Otherwise’ Says Boeing

After the recent Southwest Airline crashes, the investigation team brought to surface a surprising discovery. While the team claimed that the safety alert system was deactivated, Boeing commented on the issue saying that they did not, “intentionally or otherwise” deactivated alert.

Southwest Airlines said that this feature of 737 Max was not activated by Boeing. The feature, although for safe flying, is not licensed as a safety feature, but rather a warning, Boeing announced on Monday.

The disagree alarm is set off when the two sensors on the plane do not align, suggesting that the plane is in an unfavorable angle of attack. The feature is designed to operate independently, however, there was observed a failure to activate the alert in some planes.

When pointed out the criticisms, Boeing Chairman and CEO, Dennis Muilenburg backed his organization and said that Max’s security system is well formulated. On the other hand, Boeing’s stocked take a dive, prompting the shareholders to discuss over this matter.

There have been two major steps being taken after this havoc. One being that Boeing work on and submit a revised software update of MCAS, to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

With the value of the shares dropping by the minute, the shareholders might even consider a change in administration. While Dennis is not claiming any responsibility of this incident, the change in administrative structure might see him be disbarred from one of either of his roles as a CEO and Chairman.

The FAA is yet to receive the updated MCAS software from Boeing; however, reports have come up stating that Boeing has submitted the software. The software was responsible in the recent crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia, making this a pivotal part of the investigation and a corrective measure.

With this significant development, the saga continues while Boeing shares continue to suffer under this administrative malfunction.

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