Free Education Plans Not So Free After All—Report

Elizabeth Warren has declared to relieve students from debts and make it free for students to attend public colleges. Warren is the candidate for the presidential election. She is in the elections from the Democratic. Warren is at present the senator from Massachusetts. She states that the main goal is to make public college education free and universal.

At present education is not free. It is quite a costly affair in United States. Similarly it is not free to build colleges, make payments to professors and printing of degrees. Warren states that even her academic plan might cause $1.2 trillion in next 10 years. So this proposal is not about free education but about who pays for it, the student or the government. The plan has been criticized by the Liberals. According to them, the plan might become more helpful to the rich than to the poor.

At present the American states have subsidized public schools. The federal government offers funding to multiple universities in the form of grants or loans. The students need to pay the tuition fees.

Warren herself was professor of law at the Harvard University. She wants coordination between the federal government and the state governments to incur the complete college expenses. She plans to extract the required amount from the higher class in the form of 2% tax. The tax will be levied on the household products that have a net worth of $50 million or more than that. She also informed that the plan is to release millions from debts, which in turn will enable a strong economy. This education- friendly move will shift wealth from the older US residents and people who never went to college to students who are under educational loans. This is an appealing offer for common people. It is a quick process to relieve them from educational debts.

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