Russian Cargo Covers The Journey To Space Stations Within Just 3.5 Hours

Recently, an uncrewed spaceship was launched by Russia’s Roscosmos space agency through the Soyuz rocket. The launch was scheduled from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to supply the necessities weighed more than 3.5 Tons for the astronauts staying at the International Space Station. The journey to the station was completed in a shocking interval of fewer than 3.5 Hours.

This was just the second attempt by the space agency for ultrafast delivery. In general, Progress spaceship with crewed trips in Soyuz requires at least two days completing the journey to the space station. However, Roscosmos cut the travel time to almost one-fourth, that is six hours with a four-orbit route. In July 2018, the first-two orbits around the Earth were engaged after Progress 70 was launched by Roscosmos.

Around 3.7 tons of supplies were packed in Progress 72 for the six astronauts residing at the International Space Station. The load comprises 926 lbs. of water, 104 lbs. of oxygen, 3,375 lbs. of propellant, and 3,117 lbs. of spare parts. In the following week, the spacewalk is scheduled by Expedition 59 astronauts, for which the spare parts would be used.

In addition, Beresheet, the moon lander manufactured by Israel-based SpaceIL is scheduled to lift off to revolve around the moon’s orbit.

Within a gap of short time on the same day, Europe will be launching one more Soyuz rocket manufactured by Arianespace. The launch is taking place from the Guiana Space Center, Kourou (France).

NASA’s first spacecraft to reach currently nearest possible to the sun, Parker Solar Probe is attempting for the second time. The probe will pass from the Sun’s outer atmosphere to understand the composition and mechanisms taking place in the atmosphere of stars.

Hayabusa2 spacecraft—designed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency—was scheduled to shoot a probe towards the asteroid Rygudu. The probe will work as a crater and blow up the asteroid in the space.

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