Subscribers Swarm Netflix In Record Numbers

Netflix reported that 2019 has recorded the highest number of new users for them. Reports about first-quarter earnings included report about 9.6 million new subscribers to the streaming giant that has now brought the total to 149 million global Netflix users. The company however expects second-quarter growth to slow down slightly, amid 1% dip in share prices in after-hours trading. The Netflix documentary about the popular Fyre Festival was reportedly viewed in over 20 million homes during the first month. The yet-to-be-released natural history series with David Attenborough as its narrator ‘Our Planet’ will likely secure 25 million viewers in its first month. ‘Umbrella Academy’, a Netflix series about a few troubled youngsters with superpowers, having been watched in 45 million homes in the first month, and Ben Affleck-starrer ‘Triple Frontier’ with more than 52 million views during its first month are two other huge hits by Netflix. Woody Harrelson and Kevin Costner-starrer ‘The Highwaymen’ is expected to garner 40 million viewers during its first month of availability.

During the latter part of second-quarter, Netflix plans on releasing a list of top 10 shows in UK, the feature which might be rolled out to other regions as well. Partners like talent agencies and content makers have been urging Netflix to share information about viewership numbers. Nielsen, an audience measurement company, has been attempting to convince Netflix to release performance data as well. Experts are concerned about the future of Netflix amid looming release of Disney’s streaming service that will likely undercut Netflix’s cost. While Netflix costs between $8.99 and $15.99 per month, Disney’s streaming platform that is scheduled for a November release will cost $6.99 per month. The company however seems confident about its position, fearing no interference in its growth whatsoever, with an account for about 10% of total TV viewing in America. Analyst Eric Haggstrom too stated that Netflix need not be worried about Apple and Disney coming out with their separate streaming services.

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