Personal Data Of Police Officers, FBI Agents Published By Hackers

A hackers’ group has burglarized a number of FBI-allied portals and posted online the contents that entailed private data of law enforcement officers and federal agents. As per a report by TechCrunch, the hackers violated 3 websites linked with the FBI National Academy Association situated at the FBI training institute in Quantico, Virginia.

The report stated, The intruders “exploited defects on at least 3 of the chapter websites of the organization—that won’t be named here—and downloaded the materials of every web server.” The hacker asserted to have “over a million records” on members across numerous public service organizations and federal agencies in the United States. Also, they placed the records on their own website for download. A hacker, in a statement, said, “We hacked over 1,000 websites. Now, we’re arranging all the records and soon they will be traded. I consider something else will issue from the catalog of hacked government websites.”

The information entails member names, a blend of government & private email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, and job titles. The intruders, whose identity is yet unidentified whether they are nation-state actors or an independent group, utilized public exploits, signifying that “a majority of the sites they struck weren’t the latest and had outmoded plug-ins.”

Likewise, Microsoft has begun informing some consumers that, earlier this year, a hacker was capable of accessing accounts for months. The software giant found that credentials of a support agent were undermined for its webmail service, enabling unlawful access to a few accounts between Jan 1 and March 28, 2019. The firm states the intruders could have seen account email addresses, emails’ subject lines, folder names, but not the attachments or content of emails. It’s uncertain how many customers have been impacted by the violation, or who was engaged in receiving admittance to email accounts.

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