Net Neutrality Fights To Come Back With Bill Passed At The House

Net neutrality law is coming back. Dubbed as Save the Internet Act, net neutrality is fighting to get back from the dead.

Though it was initially introduced by Obama, the law had been repealed by the Trump administration in 2017.

Companies like Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T have been manipulating the speed of the internet. They have been blocking and charging users who require fast speed. The Democrats are using the issue to keep voters engaged. It is used as a mobilization strategy for the 2020 elections which is just ahead.

The net neutrality law has been passed with a total of 232 against 190.  It has been an important victory by the Democrats. It is of special importance to many consumer advocates too.

Rep Frank Pallone Jr. says that it is just common sense that each one of us should decide what we watch and which services we use. This is a personal choice that should not be influenced by others, says Pallone. Neither large companies nor the government should run the network he says.

Democrat leader like Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer have rallied around the bill. The House has reinstated the net neutrality bill, as it reflects the needs of Americans who do not want Internet costs to go up nor do they want their freedom constricted. They deserve to have an equal playing field against large competitors, says Schumer.

However, the bill may not be as successful in the Senate as the Republicans are in control here. Sen. Mitch McConnell has said that it would be “dead on arriving” at the Senate.

In 2017, the FCC Chairman Ajit Pai had repealed the rule. However, not all Republicans are against the open internet rules. In 2018, lawmakers tried to undo the repeal, but it failed to get the required votes.

Democrats are however in favor of net neutrality protection.

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