Microsoft Reveals Security Breach That Affected Some Outlook Accounts

Notification emails have been sent by Microsoft to some Outlook account owners notifying of a violation the firm experienced and that might have also affected Outlook users directly. As per Microsoft, a or group of hackers or hacker, between Jan 1, 2019, and March 29, 2019, undermined a Microsoft support agent’s account, one of the customer support representatives of the firm that manages technical grievances.

The OS maker stated it deactivated the credentials of undermined support agent after it understood of the unlawful invasion; nevertheless, the firm stated there might be likelihood that the hacker viewed and accessed the content of a few accounts of Outlook users.

In its email, Microsoft said, “This illegal access could have enabled unofficial parties to view and/or access data associated with your email account (like your folder names, e-mail address, emails’ subject lines, and the names of other email addresses you correspond with), however, not the material of any attachments or emails.”

Nevertheless, previous Microsoft engineers have conflicted this claim—which support agents cannot see email content of user. One of the previous engineers said, “They can view how many emails one has, email content, where the database resides, the last individual you emailed.” Meanwhile, the firm is suggesting that users who obtained the email regarding this latest breach to modify their credentials of, “out of caution,” though hackers didn’t access passwords of Outlook users.

Likewise, a week following Microsoft launched the Microsoft Launcher v5.3 upgrade that arrives with Time/Weather widget redesigns, enhanced Microsoft To-Do incorporation, and work profile backing, the company has launched a minor upgrade with several fixes, taking it to variant 5.3.1. Though the changelog isn’t elaborated, it mentions the fixes entail for bugs and crashes. One known repair was for a problem where the delete alternatives for Notes within the launcher didn’t exist when transparency was enabled.

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