Amazon To Launch 3236 Satellites To Offer Broadband Internet From Space

Reportedly, the federal filings revealed that Amazon is intending to construct a network of over 3,236 satellites in a motivated attempt to offer global internet access. The project is known as Project Kuiper, the step symbolizes the recent space ambition of Jeff Bezos. Earlier, Amazon has declared its cloud business would construct a network of satellite amenities on Earth and Bezos’ space endeavor—Blue Origin—persists to get closer to launching space travelers.

In a statement, an Amazon representative told CNBC, “Project Kuiper is a novel proposal to begin a collection of lower Earth orbit satellites that would offer low-latency and high-speed broadband network to unreached and underserved communities across the globe. This is a long-term venture that envisions providing tens of millions of population who lack fundamental access to broadband internet. We look ahead to associating on this plan with companies that has this common vision.” Apparently, Amazon’s proposal is for a system of 3,236 satellites. Constructing, launching, and working the satellites would need intensive capital, mostly billions of dollars. But, Bezos has already been supporting Blue Origin with almost $1 Billion per year and Amazon itself stays one of the most valuable companies globally.

On a similar note, recently, Blue Origin was in news for working with NASA on a Lunar Lander. When, Mike Pence—the U.S. Vice President—declared that American astronauts will return to the moon in 5 Years “by any means required,” two firms (SpaceX and Lockheed Martin) functioning to take astronauts to orbit and further than were quick to associate. In October, NASA inked an earlier unreported SAA (Space Act Agreement) “for the reason of partnership with Blue Origin to develop medium-to-large saleable lunar surface lander systems.”

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