Nuts Consumption Improves The Consistency Of Brain Functionality By 60%

Dementia is a brutal disease that vanishes the memory of people, including their identity and their judgment. Unfortunately, no effective treatment has yet been discovered, and in the past few years, newly discovered dementia drugs had not performed significantly in the clinical trials. Without any effective treatments across the world, everyone wishes to avoid getting such a threatening disease.

One of the potential symptoms of dementia is a cognitive decline, which is a considerable decrease in mental ability. There are numerous lifestyle transformations that may help in decelerating cognitive declines, such as participating in mental-stimulating activities, working out regularly, and consuming a healthy diet with low saturated fats and refined carbohydrates.

On the basis of the recent study conducted by Daily Mirror, the mind functionality can be boosted by 60% by consuming just two teaspoons of nuts every day. The results based on the observational report are published in the Journal of Nutrition Health and Aging. According to the study, the diets of nearly 5,000 Chinese adults were assessed over a period of nine years. After reviewing the data, the scientists identified a contrary connection between the amount of nuts people consumed and the level of cognitive decline they suffered from. Numerous factors, other than diet, were not considered by the scientists in the research.

Nearly 67% of the 4,822 participants reached up to the second round of cognitive ability testing, and only 16% of the participants reached above second round throughout the study. Cognitive performance scores of the participants went downward with each testing session, but people who consumed more than 10g of seeds or nuts on a daily basis had lower chances of cognitive score decline.

Therefore, the conclusion reveals that having two teaspoons of nuts every day may conserve cognitive performance with aging over a lifetime. But do not confirm that cognitive functioning gets improved by eating nuts.

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