Tesla Using Its Zero-Emission Semi Trucks To Deliver Its EVs

One of the leading electric vehicle manufacturers, Tesla has pushed very hard during the last few days of the quarter ended in March to deliver maximum possible vehicles. During that period, the company even used its own developed electric semi-trucks for delivery purposes.

From the past few quarters, Tesla has been completely engrossed in the production of its Model 3 vehicle at sustainably higher rates. But the company has suffered with the problems in terms of efficiency and quick delivery of the required number of vehicles.

In the last year, Tesla began to manufacture car carriers and later purchased car-hauling trailers and trucks with $13 Million in equity. Now the firm is trying to fill two needs with one deed, as it has been using its Tesla Semi prototype, which is currently at the development and testing phase, to deliver Tesla vehicles.

As per the initial planning, Tesla was supposed to launch its electric semi truck in the market by the last year’s end. But, no official updates were provided by the company on its production timeline.

The automaker is also likely to announce its delivery figures for the recently passed quarter in the current week. Tesla’s approach could be able to retain a sustainable future by using zero-emission automobiles for delivery as well. If the power to drive all the electric vehicles would be generated by renewable sources, then the currently rising carbon emission rates could be significantly controlled.

For the time being, the project remains in the testing phase, but in the later phase, it would probably expand to the global level that will be certainly exciting. For Tesla Semi program, the company itself would be one of the major customers.

Not only Tesla, but other electric vehicles manufacturers are also getting excited to deliver their cars Tesla Semi in the future.

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