Security Chief: Saudis Accessed Amazon CEO’s Phone, Achieved Private Data

Saudi Arabia gained access to Jeff Bezos’ phone and attained private information belonging to the Amazon CEO, Gavin de Becker—Security Specialist—stated to The Daily Beast, laying out the outcomes of his investigation. Reportedly, Bezos had assigned Gavin for investigating how the National Enquirer—an American supermarket tabloid published by AMI—had attained and published personal texts of Amazon CEO. In an appalling post in February, Bezos claimed that National Enquirer blackmailed him by intimidating to issue personal information if he did not openly state that the tabloid’s reporting of him was not diplomatically motivated. Gavin stated his examination had concluded: “with high assurance that the Saudis had gained accessed to Bezos’ phone and achieved private information.”

Reportedly, Bezos is the owner of The Washington Post that has run serious coverage of the Trump government and the Saudi administration. In October, Jamal Khashoggi (journalist) was killed in a Saudi consulate in Istanbul, igniting international anger against Riyadh. Gavin said, “Several Americans would be surprised to know that the Saudi administration has been very intent on hurting Jeff Bezos from last October when The Washington Post started its relentless coverage of Khashoggi’s killing.” Gavin stated that it is not clear if AMI was alert of the details, but directed to what he called as a close association amid the Saudi government and AMI chairman David Pecker.

Recently, Jeff Bezos was in news as he wishes to take his fellow billionaires into space with Blue Origin. The aerospace company was established in 2000 by Amazon magnate Jeff Bezos and states that Blue Origin’s objective is all regarding “paving a road to space so our kids can build the future.” Blue Origin wishes to function toward an outlook where “millions of populace are sustaining and working in space.”

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