Pixel Launcher To Receive Digital Wellbeing Incorporation In Android Q

Google, earlier this month, rolled out the beta of its imminent Android version, plainly dubbed Android Q for time being. Though this early variant has a number of alterations in comparison to Android Pie, there’re still several unseen features that haven’t been revealed or made public just yet. The latest discovery displays that Google is validating Digital Wellbeing incorporation in Android Q with the Pixel Launcher. Digital Wellbeing was initially launched last year with Android 9 Pie, as a feature to assist users to supervise their app usage patterns.

This future feature was found by Quinny899, an XDA Developer member, which requires to be particularly enabled as it is not something that is accessible easily in the existing beta build. Nevertheless, with this feature being enabled, one will now be capable of “pausing” an application from the home screen directly.

At present, app timers can be placed from within the Digital Wellbeing menu. The facility disables a specific app automatically after the time runs out, thus, one does not end up spending unnecessary time on it. Nevertheless, with this new incorporation within Android Q, soon one will be capable of pausing the application directly with no need to go through the somewhat long-winded procedure of setting timers.

The XDA Developers explored it while functioning on a Pixel 2 XL and in its existing status, one simply needs to long-press an application from within the Pixel Launcher and they will perceive an alternative to “pause” it in the contextual menu, following which the app icon will be greyed out immediately.

On a similar note, Google is also said to be validating a new search bar menu with logos next to the search categories’ names. Thus, rather than merely displaying the search vertical filters for exhibiting image results or news results, the search giant is displaying icons adjacent to those categories.

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