McDonald’s Set To Acquire Tech Company To Customize Its Drive-Thru

The long-established American food company McDonald’s is expanding its business towards digital platform across the U.S., for which it has recently declared its plan to buy a tech company.

At the beginning of this week, McDonald’s revealed that it has decided to acquire Dynamic Yield, the tech company concentrating on logic-based effective personalization. Dynamic Yield’s technology will efficiently help in generating digital drive-thru menus for McDonald’s on the basis of various factors, such as the climatic conditions and traffic at the current restaurant.

According to the statement of people familiar with this matter, this is the most expensive deal worth $300 Million, approved by McDonald’s in the past twenty years.

Along with the acquisition amount, the fast-food restaurant chain is even planning to spend around $1 Billion in upgrading nearly 2,000 restaurants across the U.S. The acquisition is the most recent move by McDonald’s to integrate more upgraded technology in its traditional styles and methods. The renovations include execution of self-serve kiosk concept and a digital panel dedicated for menu display. According to the company, these renovations will be quite convenient for the customers, which will ultimately lead to significant improvement in sales.

McDonald’s web services and mobile application have provided access to more customers to expand its business.

The company stated that it has already experienced the drive-thru technology in a few of the U.S-based restaurants last year. Now, it plans to implement the technology in several U.S. locations, and possibly at a global level too.

Instead of entirely focusing on technology improvement, McDonald’s should also think about hygiene and sanitation. According to a recent survey by the Metro, fecal matter was found on the touchscreens installed at McDonald’s restaurants.

Metro even examined the hygiene at multiple kiosks by swabbing over the surface and all of them were contaminated with coliforms.

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