Survey Shows The U.S. Tech Industry Yet Has A Pay Unfairness Problem

Over half of women in the U.S. technology sector are being compensated less than their male equivalents, according to recent research. The report from Hired—a San Francisco-based recruitment firm—revealed that in 60% of cases women are being given lower salaries compared to men for the same position at the same company. This correlates to 63% in the same survey of the last year. Of those surveyed who had found they were being compensated less than their male coworkers, 16% discovered the discrepancy was as a minimum of $20,000, investigators found. And the pay breach broadens while considering minorities.

The standard gender pay gap in the U.S. technology industry is 3%, but the research revealed that for LGBTQ women that gap surges to 8%, whereas, Hispanic women are compensated 9% less than their white male equivalents. Black women were compensated just $0.89 for $1 earned by white men coworkers in their companies, the study found. Hired’s survey of 2,600 workers from the technology domain across the U.S. through its website conducted the analysis. San Francisco’s technology domain had the smallest gender pay breach of the five technology hubs particularly stated in the report. The women functioning in the city were being paid an average of 6% less than their male colleagues.

Speaking of the gender pay gap, recently, the House passed a new bill targeting to close the gap. On the eve of “Equal Pay Day”—which is on April 2 in this year—House Democrats have sanctioned a new law planned to aid in closing the wage gap amid men and women. The Paycheck Fairness Act aspires to reinforce equal pay security for women by developing the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Equal Pay Act of 1963.

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