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Foxconn Founder Advices Apple To Shift Manufacturing To Taiwan From China

Terry Gou (Foxconn founder) has claimed that Apple must shift its production out of China, media claims. “I am advising Apple to shift to Taiwan,” Gou claimed to the media when speaking about whether Apple will shift manufacturing away from China. “I think it is very likely.” Foxconn is one of key production partners of Apple, manufacturing many of the firm’s iPhones in Zhengzhou, China. The statements came on the same day that Gou verified he will be stepping down as Foxconn chairman, starting next month.

Rumor is mounting that Apple will shift some of its production out of China due to the US-China trade battle. At the end of the month, the Trump management is due to apply a 25% tax on laptops, phones, and tablets produced in China, which will cover a huge amount of products by Apple. Apple has asked that its devices be excluded from these taxes, disputing that it might “lead to a lowering of US economic contribution by Apple” and “weigh on its worldwide competitiveness.”

Apple is supposedly already interested in shifting some of its manufacturing out of China, even though not essentially to Taiwan. Previously this week, reports emerged that it has asked its providers, comprising Foxconn, to examine the viability of moving from 15–30% of its manufacturing out of the nation. On the other hand, at the time, it was claimed that Vietnam and India were the most expected choices, followed by Indonesia, Mexico, and Malaysia.

On a related note, Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) makes a convincing edition of reality that can appear too good to be real. Hosted again at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center previously this month, the event is a place to meet fellow iOS app makers & programmers, geek out over Swift code, and rejoice all things about Apple.

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